Give a fresh air to your mobile device, download and enjoy our live wallpapers and play with their options.

We start to make live wallpapers in 2012. Balaika is the first live wallpaper that was promoted by google in Play store. Since then, we have published 23 live wallpapers and one game, and more will coming.

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Circulux LWP
Circulux LWP free
Sky Islands LWP
Sky Islands LWP free
The Nebulander LWP
The Nautilus LWP
Paris winter LWP
Christmas planet LWP
Christmas crazy machines LWP
Nossia LWP Real Time
Nossia LWP free
Balaika summer LWP Real Time
Monster Dracul LWP
Monster Frank LWP
Star in the sky LWP
Star in the sky LWP free
Living colors LWP
Cubetronix LWP
Grace doll LWP
Audrey doll LWP
Galaxy planet LWP
Galaxy planet LWP free
Edena garden spring LWP
Edena spring LWP
Steam man LWP free
Steam sky LWP
Drobita moon LWP
Steam man
Steam man free
Lumosia LWP

Gauli live wallpapers was promoted in google play, and reviewed in the best tecnological magazines.

You can visit our youtube channel to see the live wallpapers in action.

  • High definition: Support high resolution displays.
  • Change theme: Section “theme”. change the color of the enviroment.
  • Interactive touch: Touch the float particles and elements and it moves.
  • Touch & move: Touch and slide the floating particles and elements and place them where you want..
  • Change particles: You can change the type of the floater and interactive small elements.
  • Tablet and phone: The aplication is fully compatible with a wide range of devices, from the smallest and modest to the last generation tablets and smartphones.
  • Real time: The enviroment theme, can change automatically in real time, and adjust the aurora and sundown begins and how long will be the transition.
  • Speed control: Choose the velocity of the float particles and elements.
  • Optimized performance: The use of RAM and proccessor is absolutely fully optimized. Based on OpenGL. The applications are paused until you see them. Do not worry about the battery.
Technical notes

If you find any errors please contact us. The use of RAM is fully optimized, and so far we chose not to be installed on the SD card, since it could produce unexpected closures. To use the Live Wallpaper, you will will see an application icon, which will take you directly to the menu of Live Wallpapers, and there you will select yours. We will answer to your proposals, suggestions or ideas.